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Blue Planet News

New Team Member
Blue Planet is please to welcome Thomas J. Britingham to our team as Chief Operating Officer and Director of Waste Audit Services. Tom brings over twenty-two years of operational experience to Blue Planet. In addition, Tom's experience also inlcuds more than a decade of service in the US Navy.


International REIT Engages Blue Planet for GRESB Reporting Solutions
An International REIT, with more than 1387 properties in eight contries, has engaged Blue Planet to collect, track, and quantify, each property's solid waste and recycling stream's volume and compostion, monthly, for compliance with the Global Real Estate Sustainability Bechmark Report (GRESB). Blue Planet will report on both directly managed and indirectly managed assets.  Working with key client team members, individual service providers, and on-site team members, Blue Planet will be providing solid waste and recycling data that is more acurate and reliable than traditionaly offered by service providers alone.

Blue Planet Launches GRESB Reporting Services

Washington, DC October 2018: Through a joint venture between a prominent leading National REIT, a leading Sustainability Firm, the USGBC, GBCI, and GRESB, Blue Planet is proud to announce the release version 12.3.1 (2018) of our Waste Performance Report resulting from our   proprietary Waste Stream Analysis (IAW LEED v4.1)

Our newly formatted Waste Performance Report maintains color specific data throughout the report as well as incorporating new calculations and data complied from the physical portion of the Waste Stream Analysis.  In addition, Blue Planet has incorporated new measurement and sorting protocols for the physical portion of the audit offering more detailed break-down of waste stream compositions and volumes (Waste Stream Characterization Analysis).


Blue Planet continues to eliminate fees!
With the changes in the domestic and global recycling market 
service providers (especially the larger national haulers) to add the following fees and surcharges to customer's monthly invoices, including:
  • Container Service Fees (+4%)
  • Recyclable Material Fees (+12.5%)
  • Fuel Surcharges (+27%)
  • Environmental Fees (+3.5%)
  • Regulatory Recovery Fees (+6.5%)
BPE has been able to negotiate, elliminate and prevent these fees from occurring and being charge to both Blue Planet and our clients throughout North America.
NY City Steps Up Recycling Enforcement 
The City of New York will begin enforcement of the new Commercial Business Recycling laws on August 1, 2017, click on the 'link' above or here for more info:
The new law requires all business, not-for-profits, non-profits, institution, and multi-family residential developements to maintain or implement a comprehensive recycling program.


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