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Paper fiber and plastics are among the most common recyclable material, however there has been a dramatic increase in other materials like fluorescent light, batteries, computers, cell phones and other electronic waste. Blue Planet offers turnkey, highly flexible recycling solutions. The result is seamless integration, reduced administrative burden, improved accountability and heightened environmental responsibility.


Potential Revenue Stream

White Office, Mixed, or any type of paper that you can rip is recyclable everywhere throughout the United States.  In some markets (cities), office paper, where quantities warrant, can be sold and can generate revenue through rebates from certain recycling companies. Paper is considered an on-going consumable.
Glass, Plastic & Metal (GPM)
Blue Planet assists in the process of recovering Glass, Plastics and Metal (GPM) containers, diverting these materials from landfills and forwarding it to be remade into new products. GPM's are considered on-going consumables.

Hazardous & Universal Waste

Blue Planet offers recycling and disposal services for many hazardous and universal waste items, including those items listed in the Mercury section above, as well as certain liquid wastes (solvents, paints, coolant & oils).  We will inspect and test the items to ensure full compliance with transportation and disposal.

Scrap Metal

Potential Revenue Stream

Blue Planet continiously builds relationships with mutliple metal recycling companies within each market to ensure the highest possible revenue from your separate metal recycling efforts.  Metal could be considered as either an on-going consumable or a durable good.

Electronic Waste

Blue Planet recommends and uses R3 Certified E-Waste recycling companies to ensure 100% compliance with recycling and destruction requirements. Blue Planet also offers other E-Waste recycling solutions to meet our clients financial budgets.  Costs for recycling E-Waste are based upon the level of security, destruction, and possible re-use or re-sale of E-Waste.  

Use Coffee K-Cups

Blue Planet offers a third party solution for recycling all those used 'K-Cups'. Our program alows our clients using a Keurig to collect all used K-Cups and divert them from the landfill.  The program includes a large or small box, with a pre-paid label for shipping.  Simply placed your used K-Cups in the box and return when full. Used Coffee Pods are considered on-going consumables.

Recycling Containers

Blue Planet is proud to offer in-office, zone, area, sepcialized, and outdoor trash and recycling containers.  Blue Planet offers a basic, yet aesthetically pleasing seclection aimed at consistancy in appearance, style, and use to help maximize diversion and use by employees, tenants, visitors and guests to your facility.  Please click the link to preview our trash and recycling containers.

Potential Revenue Stream

Through Blue Planet's cardboard recycling programs, we offer several options to meet your cardboard recycling needs. The solution we provide will vary based upon your cardboard volumes and how the material is packaged, including loose collection, baled, and reverse upstream logistics. Carboard is considered an on-going consumable.
Blue Planet offers several solutions for diverting and recycling items which contain Mercury, including Fluorescent lights, Batteries, Ballast, and many other restricted items and products which contain Mercury.  ALL items which contain MERCURY are banned from any and all landfills and incerators.  Contact Blue Planet for more information and pricing.

Compostable Materials

Many clients create food and other organic waste types that should be diverted and recycled.  By diverting your food and other organic wastes, clients can increase their recycling & diversion rates, as well as control their disposal costs.  Blue Planet offers a full range of compost solutions.

Furniture, Bulk &

White Goods

Blue Planet embrases a REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLING approach to furniture, bulk items, and white goods (applliances).  We attempt to identiy the items to be disposed of, and assess if these items could be reused or recycled and then take the appropriate steps to direct the items to the proper facilty or the next user.

Construction Waste

Blue Planet's focused Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste and Recycling Program saves clients as much as 25% on overall C&D costs when diverting C&D recyclable materials from landfills.
In addition, materials such as scrap metal may yield rebates upwards of $100 per ton (based on market pricing).

Coffee Cup Recycler

Blue Planet is proud to offer a coffee recycling station.  This solution offers three separate sections, one for cups & lids, another for the cardboard sleeve, and a third for left-over coffee.  This recycling station will alow you to divert liquid waste from your waste stream, and increase your diversion & recycling rates. Used coffee cups are considered on-going consumables.

Ink Jet & Toner

Blue Planet is proud to offer several options for reuse and recycling of used Ink Jet and Toner Cartrudges, most at a very low, if not free, cost to our clients.  Other options include possible revenue or contributions directly to non-proffit environmental charities.  Ink Jet and Toner Cartridges are considered on-going consumables.


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