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Benchmarking via a Waste Stream Analysis.
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How do you ensure effective waste stream management with actionable intelligence, and continuity of data, while establishing a benchmark and a baseline of your waste streams?  With Blue Planet.
You might be surprise by the results, recommendations, and potential savings an independant waste stream analysis performed by Blue Planet could offer.
Ensure your diversion rates and reports are realistic, and are offering you reliable intelligence upon which to make sound, sustainable decisions, while maximizing your environmental efforts!  HOW?
Perform a Waste Stream Analysis.
Engage Blue Planet to perform an independant and objective waste stream analysis (formerly known as a waste audit) for your facility or buidling, including your entire daily, on-going consumables, waste streams (trash and recycling).
Continuity of Data and Reporting.  The importance of maintaining consistent procedures and methodologies in any report identifying Key Waste Stream Performance Indicators (KWSPI) is vital to measuring performance, future strategies, and establishing a baseline and benchmark of your waste stream.  By maintaining continuity in all KWSPI reporting, clients automatically employing “SMART” 
Your Current Services.  Most likely you look to your current trash hauler / recycler to provide you with the best, most environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions; however, they are only offering you their limited range of services and capabilities at their prices.  These services may be adequate, but we have found many alternate solutions available for clients throughout the US.
Alternate Services & Solutions. With firsthand knowledge of your waste stream resulting from a Blue Planet waste audit, we are able to research all available resources within the audit building’s region, and offer alternate service solutions aimed at increasing diversion & creating significant savings and meeting environmental laws.
LEED Waste Audit
It's easy.
Just contact us at or give us a call at 888.361.BLUE (2583) and we will work with you to draft a proposal specifically tailored for your building’s or facility’s unique waste and recycling needs.
It’s that easy.
The details.
How it works.  Blue Planet’s audit team will come to your building or facility, physically sort, weigh and measure your solid waste materials, recycling, and any other items found in your daily waste stream, analyze all other available data, including tonnage reports, and third party information and present an in-depth, comprehensive report.  Blue Planet will also offer assistance with implementing any recommendations and management services to help you reach your goals.
What it costs.  The average cost for a Blue Planet waste audit ranges from $0.0075 to $0.015 per square foot; however, each audit building and client is given individual consideration when preparing a proposal.  Additional discounts are available for non-profit organizations, multiple buildings, and campus environments.
Let us dive into your dumpster(s).
Let’s get started.  The results your looking for are in your dumpsters - let Blue Planet find them.  Schedule a Waste Stream Analysis with Blue Planet for any time during 2018, and we’ll discount the audit either $350 or 12% (whichever is higher).  Terms and conditions may apply.
Or, if you would prefer, we’ll set up a time to meet with you and discuss, in detail, your specific solid waste and recycling needs and develop a strategy and proposal tailored specifically for your needs.
Waste Stream Characterization Study


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