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Environmental Fact:

According to the U.S. EPA 82% of all US landfills leak.  This leaking material is called LEACHATE and is highly toxic, and, in some cases, is a carcinogenic (cancer casusing).  These leachates leak into the surounding environment, and into the ground water, which we drink, and water our crops.

The philosophy of a ZERO LANDFILL WASTE PROGRAM is the diversion of all unwanted materials from a landfill, and diverting the material to a recycling facility for reuse or recycling, or diverting material to a waste-to-energy facility to create a semi-sustainable source of electricity.
Blue Planet encourages the implementation of ZERO LANDFILL WASTE PROGRAMS at each and every client facility within each market area where permissible, and where there are safe, licensed waste-to-energy generation plants capable of accepting non-recyclable waste.  In addition Blue Planet has certified countless client facilities throughout the United States and Canada as ZERO LANDFILL WASTE facilities.
In recognition of achieving the status of a ZERO LANDFILL FACILITY, Blue Planet issues annual certificates (see PDF link below) to those facilities to be proudly displayed, and used in marketing their corporate responsibility to the community, their shareholders, stakeholders, employees, clients, and tenants.
Zero Landfill Waste.

According to both the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Waste Management, Inc. (WM), the largest owner of active and closed landfills in the United States, ALL LANDFILLS leak leachates into our environment affecting the air we breath and the water we drink.


Blue Planet successfully implements


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Zero Landfill Waste Certificate:

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