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Portfolio & Campus-Wide Waste Audits.
Blue, Planet, Waste, Recycling, Waste Audit, Waste Stream Analysis, Campus Waste Audit
Blue, Planet, Waste, Recycling, Waste Audit, Waste Stream Analysis, College Waste Audit
Blue, Planet, Waste, Recycling, Waste Audit, Waste Stream Analysis, University Waste Audit
Academic Campuses:
Schools, Colleges & Universities


Blue Planet has performed Waste Audits, and Waste Characterization Studies for many educational facilities and campuses throughout North America. As a supporting member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and our intimate knowledge of the AASHE's Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS), as well as other independent programs, such as Re-Trac, we are uniquely positioned to deliver targeted data relative to our client's campus-wide solid waste and recycling metrics and reporting needs.
Blue Planet performs full audit of all solid waste and recycling, including 100% of all solid waste and recycling generated during the audit period for all the Audit Buildings.  In addition, our independent and totally objective position affords us the ability to deliver quantifiable, real-time, data for the entire waste stream and not just a small percentage or partial sampling of the Audit Buidling's waste stream.
Academic campuses throughout North America are experiencing a new urgency to find the most prudent use of their financial resources and new ways to align them with their environmental directives. Our systematic approach is based on best practices derived from our work with other academic campuses, as well as a wide cross-section of the businesses and industries Blue Planet serves. The following steps outline the framework for our Campus-Wide Model:
  1. Establish Goals and Objectives;
  2. Conduct Waste Characterization Study & Waste Audit;
  3. Develope Strategic Plan (including ZERO LANDFILL WASTE oportunities);
  4. Implement & Deploy Strategic Plan;
  5. Measure and Report; and
  6. On-Going Consulting, Evaluation, Adjustment and Improvement.
Student and Falculty Participation:
During most projects, with client approval, Blue Planet welcomes and encourages students and falculty members to participation in our Campus-Wide Waste Audits.  This joint cooperation aids in communicating waste audit results, and next steps through word-of-mouth, and social media, not to mention possible insights to careers in the environmental and sustaibilty industries.
Blue, Planet, Waste, Recycling, Waste Audit, Waste Stream Analysis
Professional Campuses:
Business Parks & Multi-Building Projects
Blue Planet looks at professional campuses, including business parks and multi-building projects as a collection of individual buildings, and performs a complete waste audit for each individual building.  Upon completion of all individual builidng audits, Blue Planet drafts individual waste audit reports for each building, as well as a compehensive report assessing and evaluating all buildings collectively with comparative analytics and metrics.
Business Parks, or multiple buildings that share solid waste and recycling services, receive individual audits for each building's waste stream separately, ensuring an accurate assessment and audit for each building.
Blue Planet deploys waste audit teams to strategic locations throughout the business park, or to each building, thereby ensuring the capture of all solid waste and recycling data, including 100% of each individual audit building. All solid waste and recycling is identified by builidng or facility, measured, weight, sorted and re-weight providing the highest possible accuracy for our clients.
Blue Planet does not use a waste stream sampling, or less than 100% of the materials generated during the review or audit period. 
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