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Waste Audit
See pages 15 & 16 of the USGBC Guide (above)
LEED Re-Certification
Waste Stream Analysis.


LEED Re-Certification Waste Stream Analysis

Blue Planet recommends registering for your re-certification as soon as you receive the initial LEED certification plaque or as soon as possible thereafter.  The benefits of doing so are include: 

1.) You lock in the version of LEED you'll be using for the recertification (LEED is now averaging a three (3) year update cycle, and requirements may change between certifications; therefore, by registering your project as soon as possible, you will know the requirements for re-certification); and
2.) Registering right away helps you stay on top of the project proactively, preventing re-certification from becoming lost amidst the daily demands of management (and helping to make the recertification project easier than the initial certification).
USGBC LEED Re-Certification requirements, include:
  • Establishment, implementation and the ongoing updating of a Solid Waste Management Policy;
  • Performing a Waste Audit each year of the Re-Certification Performance Period; and
  • Tracking & Reporting of solid waste data for 25% of the Re-Certification Performance Period.
LEED Re-Certification Waste Tracker
With these requirements in mind, Blue Planet has developed a LEED Re-Certification Program, which includes our newly developed, proprietary, and copyrighted LEED Re-Certification Waste Audit Report and our Solid Waste Tracker & Metrics Report.  
Blue Planet’s Solid Waste Tracker & Metrics Report tracks six (6) areas, including: 
1.) Consolidated Data & Summary (YTD for twelve (12) month periods, and a collective summary for the total period);
2.) Solid Waste (non-recyclable materials); 
3.) Ongoing Consumables; 
4.) Durable Goods;
5.) Construction & Facilities Alterations; and
6.) Universal & Hazardous Materials (a separate sub-section also included with ongoing consumables).
As part of our LEED Re-Certification Program, Blue Planet collects all relevant solid waste and recycling data and populates our proprietary Waste Tracker & Metrics Report on a monthly basis.  In addition, we continuously monitor the data and the project building's solid waste streams and make recommendations to improve the Solid Waste Management Policy as well as the actual services (thereby ensuring a current and updated policy, and providing evidence to the USGBC & GBCI that the project building is in compliance with M&R Prerequisite 2: Solid Waste Management Policy).
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