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GRESB Reporting
Green Real Estate Sustainability Benchmarking
Blue Planet employes a proprietary (U.S. Paten Pending) methodology for collecting and quantifying realistic and reliable solid waste and recycling data.  It is our un-compromised, independant and objective position that allows us to offer reports demonstrating actual and realistic data of our client's Portfolio-Wide Solid Waste and Recycling services.  Blue Planet does not use simple industry standard formulas to calculate diversion rates; we use actual data from our client's waste streams including physical observational data, combined with several other proprietary formulas, extensive waste audit results, outside variables, and service provider data.  Blue Planet's management of your solid waste and recycling services we are able to offer 
GRESB is an industry-driven organization committed to assessing the ESG performance of real assets globally, including real estate portfolios and infrastructure assets. More than 175 members, of which about 60 are pension funds and their fiduciaries, use the GRESB data in their investment management and engagement process, with a clear goal to optimize the risk/return profile of their investments.
Directly Managed Assets:
In-Directly Managed Assets: In-directly managed assets include assets managed directly by tenants, third party management agents, or are otherwise not directly managed by 
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