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Waste Audit


Blue Planet offers LEED compliant waste audits, including audits for the following points: 
  • NC - New Construction Waste Audits
  • EB - On-Going Consumables Waste Audits
  • EB - Durable Goods Waste Audit
USGBC Member
Waste Stream Analysis.


Blue Planet conducts its LEED Waste Stream Analysis and drafts the resulting Waste Stream Performance Report in accordance with the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements.  Blue Planet works closely with the USGBC, as well as independent LEED consultants such as GOBY, Inc., CBRE, The Compass Group, Leonardo Academy, SD Keppler & Associates, and others, to ensure our waste stream analysis methodology, and reports exceed both client, GBCI, and USGBC expectations. 
Blue Planet physically separates all the various waste types to determine the classification of each material type and weight thereof as produced by the Audit Building during the waste stream analysis.  In addition we collect all relevant 3rd party data from the Audit Building and the various service providers (such as document destruction services).  All this data is incorporated in our Waste Stream Performance Report.
The LEED certification program is a living program, and as such Blue Planet grows and evolves with the many different version of LEED to ensure we meet the needs and requirements of each version of LEED.
A Blue Planet waste audit will give an Audit Building an independent and objective review of their solid waste and recycling program, with observations of the waste stream including generation of both solid waste and recycling, sorting and collection activities, transportation of materials to the disposal area, and final disposition of all waste & recycling materials.  Our waste audit report also offers recommendations with respect to both the solid waste and recycling streams.
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